The Guardians Explore


A card based adventure game for everyone.

Very thematic experience.

Accessible and strategic.

Party up now

About The Guardians Explore

A Guardian's Quest

I left GenCon 2013 with the inspiration to create the best board game! How hard could it be? I do have an iPhone game under my belt and I’ve been working at BioWare for the past couple years... The answer is, hard! But with the right amount of dedication, anything is possible!

The initial steps included picking a fun theme, determining game mechanics, and balancing the game. It was also important to me that the game appeal to all audiences with ethnic diversity, character body type variety, and a relatable setting.

After roughly 1,321 playtests I have arrived at the current iteration of The Guardians: Explore. It is a card based adventure game, where teens defend Arthursburg from a monster invasion. I have started running events at conventions awarding winners of tournaments beta copies of the game. After the Kickstarter campaign I will keep running these events and increase the prize support as the community grows! With your support we can have events matching the scale of Ascension, Dominion, and Legendary!

The Guardians: Explore has met positive reviews from convention goers, game store regulars, and game night attendees. You need to experience this awesome game that redefines what a card game can be!

This game introduces a new world, and each expansion will unveil more of The Guardians story.