The Guardians Explore


A card based adventure game for everyone.

Very thematic experience.

Accessible and strategic.

Party up now

The Guardians Explore Card Gallery

Card Name Energy Cost Type Class Ability Text Rarity
Explore Generic +2 Energy. Draw a card. 5
Practice Swing Generic Practice +1 Energy and +1 Attack. 25
Bash Skill Knight +1 Energy and +2 Attack. 3
Cleave 2 Skill Knight +1 Energy and +3 Attack. If you battle at a location with more than one monster, gain +3 Attack. 2
Mastering Slash 3 Skill Knight +4 Attack. Once during your Battle Phase, you may trash a card from your hand or discard pile. If you do this, gain +3 Attack. 1
Ice Blast Skill Wizard +3 Energy and +1 Attack. 3
Arcane Knowledge 3 Skill Wizard Draw 3 cards. Discard 2 cards. 2
Fireball 5 Skill Wizard During your Battle Phase, choose a location and place 3 damage counters on all monsters there. Then, place 1 damage counter on all monsters in the surrounding locations. 1