The Guardians Explore


A card based adventure game for everyone.

Very thematic experience.

Accessible and strategic.

Party up now

How to play The Guardians Explore


The Guardians: Explore Rules

This is a PDF of the rulebook found in each box of The Guardians: Explore.

German version coming soon!

Quick Play

The Guardians takes place over two chapters: Warm Up and Battle.

Players begin their Warm Up with a card draft that shapes their strategy for the battle to come. A unique super card is selected in secret to give each player their own special strength. Also, a unique mission is selected in secret providing goals.

Now fortifies with equipment, skills, and familiars, the players begin the Battle! By drawing and cleverly playing cards from the top of their deck, players build the power needed to defeat monsters and acquire trophies with each turn.

During play, unneeded cards can be thrown away and powerful new cards added to make each player's deck the best it can be for the final showdown. Work together to defeat the mighty boss at the heart of the monster invasion and save Arthursburg!